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Our Team: Our Team


President Co-Founder

Joe brings 25 years experience as an engineer in the Medical Device market.  Joe has a thorough understanding of devices and specializes in assigning and managing the development and manufacture of some of the most difficult, minimally invasive devices. These have included  diagnostic catheters, electrophysiology catheters, radio-frequency catheters, balloon catheters, steerable devices and shafts, stimulation leads, supporting procedural devices and more. Joe provides Prevailing Medical's customers experience and skills including  Blow & Injection Molding, CAD Design, Automation, Prototyping, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Basic Electricity, Structure & Strengths, Steel to Plastic Conversions, Thermal Set and Transfer Molding, catheter development, device development, reflow, tipping, braiding, extrusion, bonding and welding.  Joe looks forward bringing this experience to Prevailing Medicals customers.


VP New Product Design Co-Founder

Khader joins Prevailing Concepts having been in the Medical Device Industry since 1990 as an R&D engineer working with new product development and manufacturing continous improvement.  A graduate of IIT Chicago with a masters in mechanical engineering, he has worked with multiple projects including thrombus extraction devices, TAVI delivery systems, valvuloplasty catheters, angiographic catheters, contrast media disposibles and introducers.  Khader also has extensive experience with nitinol and stainless steel braided shaft based devices. Khaders skills and experience will be utilized to help Prevailing Concepts customers effectively develop their medical devices


Sales & Marketing

Kris joins Prevailing Concepts with 10 years sales and customer service experience with minimally invasive interventional medical devices.  A graduate of the University of Minnesota, he has worked with customers to bring devices including valve delivery systems, atherectomy catheters, thrombectomy catheters and vascular catheters to market.  Kris enjoys discussing projects and helping customers navigate the development process. 


Senior R&D Engineer / Program Management

Sam, a graduate from the University of Minnesota has worked in the medical device field in the Twin Cities for the last 8 years, and specializes in minimally invasive devices. Sam take pride in advising and delivering quality prototypes, developing cost-saving solutions for scaling products into production, and working efficiently to meet aggressive product timelines. Sam has experience in a wide range of human anatomy applications from neurological micro-catheters to DVT stent delivery in the legs.  Sam has seen the challenges and looks forward to collaborating on innovative projects with Prevailing Medical's clients



Office Manager

Mindy joins Prevailing Concepts Inc. with 25 years experience working in a small, startup company that grew steadily from less than $1M in sales to $5M. She took on a variety of roles including: accounts receivables/payables, database and website design & maintenance, purchasing, customer service and office management. She enjoys the variety and challenges that come with a growing business and is excited to be a part of the Prevailing Concepts team.

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